Switching To A Cleaner Diet

We have seen numerous changes in the lifestyles of modern young people in comparison with the lives that people of the same age used to lead just a decade ago. This is mainly due to technology and how fast paced the world has become. Machines and technology have taken over most of the jobs that used to be done by humans which means that young people in this day and age get paid less to do more work and it is a struggle to survive in this rat race. Most young people are working long hard days every day in a bid to survive financially and in order to have some money left over after they have paid up all of their bills but unfortunately, in most cases, they do not even have enough money at the end of the month to pay off even their most basic bills and get through their everyday lives.

Unhealthy living

Sadly, most young people live a very unhealthy life because of the lack of time to prepare their own meals and the lack of time to simply sit down and have a complete meal. They will usually grab a processed meal that is laced with chemicals and preservatives from a store like Kentucky Fried Chicken or McDonalds that they can eat on the run on their way to work or between meetings. This lifestyle has also given rise to an obese younger generation. Many young people are getting ill from obesity related disease and while the dairy industry promotes low fat milk as a solution to this, it has been proven that this is just as bad as regular dairy milk if not worse. Fortunately however, we are slowly but surely seeing a rise in vegan living where more and more evidence is being discovered about meat and dairy intolerance.

Dairy intolerance dietitianare slowly starting to understand the dangers of meat and dairy and we are seeing a massive shift toward a clean, plant based whole food lifestyle.Young people are starting to discover clean eating and the transition to a vegan lifestyle is one of the fastest growing lifestyles the world has ever seen and therefore, there is indeed hope for the future if activists and young people continue to create awareness about healthy living. It is an extremely urgent need because more and more young people are dying of obesity related disease such as cholesterol and diabetes. Nutrition education is vital in this day and age and it is important that they implement it in schools as well.